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AirSpeak allows you to send recorded sound bytes to any AirPlay enabled device. Uses range from announcements at a party to pranking your friends. AirSpeak is simple to use, just 3 steps:

1) touch and hold down on the mic until the "ON AIR" sign lights up

2) speak your message

3) release your finger and it will play

(n.b. You will have an option to select the AirPlay device you want to send the sound byte to. If none is selected, it will just play back on your device's default output. If no AirPlay devices are detected, the AirPlay icon will NOT show up!)


Screenshot 1  Screenshot 2


Q. Can I just TRY the app?
A. SOON! I'm working on a free version now!
A. Nope. Too busy :)

Q. My recording doesn't play!
A1. The silence switch (if you have one) has to be turned off. The audio playback (including through AirPlay) follows the silence rocker setting! Please turn off the silence switch and try again.

A2. AirPlay is first come first serve. If someone else is already connected to the AirPlay device (even if they're not currently playing anything!) then you will not be able to play your audio.


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Version History

- slight optimization so there's less dead air at the beginning of the recording

- initial release